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Episode 20 - Truman Glasgow - Pro Mountain and Gravel Cyclist

Truman Glasgow is a pro Mountain and Gravel cyclist. In this episode, Truman chats with us about the 2024 Lifetime Grand Prix, a pro cycling race series that spans from April to October.

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[Music] welcome to the eighth Lane endurance podcast we have Truman here with us


today welcome thank you stoked to be here excited to have you why don't you give a brief introduction of who you are


kind of what you do what your background is to our listeners so my name is Truman Glasco I'm from Alpine Utah grew up


there uh currently living in Vineyard Utah uh I'm a professional mountain


biker and I've been racing bikes uh since seventh grade so all throughout


middle school high school been racing bikes um I did have a nor like i' always


been into sport I played baseball and uh football all growing up until around my


sophomore year then I kind of transitioned into biking and more than I was doing it


before I guess so I just kind of fell in love with it in high school and have


been racing ever since so cool Viking is so fun but I'm like the most boring like


tame Ultra Runner type of spirit so the downhill scares me so bad I I'm really


bad at it that's a beautiful thing about it is there's like so many ways you can approach the sport and like you can take


it at your own pace and do your own thing I'm similar with running like yeah it's not all like there's no wrong way


to do it I guess so what I guess what type of cycling are you you in there's


like Induro there's cross country what are you so yeah I I race uh cross


country mountain bike and gravel for those of you not familiar with gravel racing it's essentially a road bike with


knobby tires mountain bike tires and you're racing off-road on gravel road


sometimes single track um they mix it in there and yeah so those are the two kind


of the endurance type of uh cycling is what I'm doing and your races are what


distance usually uh right now it's anywhere from like two hours to last


weekend was a 10 hour race so two to 10 hours 10 hours which last weekend was


what 200 miles yeah it was a 200 mile gravel race that's nuts and we can go


into that but yeah I'm really excited to hear about it actually it was called Unbound right yeah Unbound gravel so


this is part of a race series that you qualified for got invited to I guess yes


called lifetime Grand Prix explain to me what that is how you got in yeah what


what does that mean for your sport too what's the significance so the lifetime Grand Prix is a race series that the


brand lifetime um has essentially created in the last few years to help


grow the sport of cycling here in North America in the US I should say um


and so they select 30 male writers and 30 female writers to be a part of this race series do you have to apply or do


they just okay so you have to apply to get in um and there's no like


specific like requirement it's I don't know I I don't


exactly know the um how their application process as far as like how they accept people goes um usually it's


fast Racers that have good results from what I can see um and so they have seven


races that go throughout the season from starting in April and um go all the way


until October and there's three mountain bike races and four gravel races so they


kind of mix it up throughout the season and it gives it uh it's nice


because you have guys coming from uh a road racing background racing over in


Europe and uh guys like that and then you have guys like me who grew up racing mountain bike and it's kind of this


interesting like Road Racers versus mountain bikers type type of feel but interesting it's kind of all merging


together and we're all becoming I feel like we're all just becoming gravel Racers because that's like I at least


for me that's where I do a lot of my training is on my gravel bike um when mountain bike races are coming up I'll


try to spend more time on the mountain bike but it's just more I feel more effective when I'm training on the road


or on my gravel bike but yeah so seven races um there's


points scored throughout the season um and based off of how you do it


each race you're scored and after the


seventh race they take an overall and there's a big pay a prize purse for um I


think the top 10 yeah the top 10 finishers for both male and female Racers which is so cool so so I saw you


kind of got in as an alternate yeah so I applied in November and had um or I


guess I didn't get in and after it was end of


January a racer from overseas that uh got in I guess dropped out I


don't know why but they dropped out and I got a phone call and they're like hey we had a race or Dropout would you like


to be a part of the series and from there I I was in that's crazy so from


end of January to April I mean you were probably already training for your season but you had just a couple of


months to kind of gear up get ready yeah and make all these travel plans for the seven races yes which is crazy yep so


yeah I my race plan going into this year was to do all seven of those events and


to clarify like anyone can do these seven races but it's created this like


prestigious kind kind of uh I I guess the the series has just created like


hype and there's a lot of media coverage and it's just fun to see Racers go back and forth and you're always changing on


the leaderboards and whatnot so yeah anyone can do these races but only the 30 that are selected are scored for the


overall series if that makes sense yeah that makes sense and right now I think I read that you're 19th out of 30 yes


sitting 19th so which is great yeah we get two drop races at theend end of the season they drop our two worst races so


I mean the last two races haven't been my best races um just based of how I've


felt and how I guess I've finished but to be sitting 19th is not a bad spot and


if you finish in the top 15 um I believe you are accepted back into the race


series for the next year like you get an automatic acceptance um if you apply so


you're finishing top 15 yes that's the goal awesome but yeah I've been gearing up for it uh since January but like I


said it was the mindset was like I'm doing these races I want to perform well so that I can hopefully get in for the


next year and now I'm in and still hoping to get in for the next year just want to perform well and have a good season yeah so tell me about the first


race where was it how long was it yeah so the first race was in uh Monterey


California on the Laguna Seiko Raceway cool that's where it started that's super cool it's called the sea otter


classic uh it was a 60 mile race um two 30 m


Laps on mountain bikes so uh and starting on the Raceway it funnels into


this single track about 3 minutes into the start holy cow and we're I want to say like eight Riders wide just the


whole Raceway is filled up with Racers so it creates this super like crazy


three minute effort right from the gun just fighting for position so what was your strategy going in did you want to


be as high position as you could or were you like kind of strategically placing


yourself no I went into it with the mindset of I wanted to be as far up as possible because a lot of Separation


happens because it goes straight into a single track downhill oh wow and that creates even more like separation


between groups and if you're not there then you're doing more work trying to close gaps and oh that would suck to get


behind like a slow Downhill Racing it happens so it it was a really hard


effort um from the gun I managed to go in to the single track I want to say it was Ninth Place which was far up and I


was happy with that um but then of course some separations still happen cuz


it's that downhill and then there's a long single track climb up to this dirt road that is like a downhill kind of


false flat uh dirt road it's downhill and then false flat for a little bit um


going into another single track so you're still just fighting there's so like everyone's still close together obviously there was separation between i


a the lead group and then I was in this Chase group trying to we close the gap down to that lead group going into the


next single track but it had to uh put in a big effort to close that gap down


and yeah my day was just spent like I got we caught the leag group and then separation happened again on that next


single track section and then it was like me and three other Riders um that


eventually closed the Gap back down to the lead Group which had about I want to say like eight or so Riders okay um and


so we close Gap back down again but doing so doing that you're just like exhausting using using a lot


more energy as we say in the sport burning matches and my mind unnecessary matches um and by the time I'd got to


that League group we had another single track section and it has this accordion effect where like if you have 10 Racers


going into a single track section like the guys at the front are just going to carry momentum but then you hit like


eventually it just like it's like traffic driving on the road like everyone stops and then kind of goes


again and it's just like that accordion effect and being on the back of it you get this Whiplash of like you're


slamming on your brakes and then you're all out to get back on the wheel in front of you so I had a rough race there


um just with how i r I raced with poor tactics so you just raced a little bit


to I red aggressive yeah I was I wanted to do well and I didn't want to go like


I was I was racing to be up there and hopefully be towards the pointy end of the race at least for the first


lop and by the time that I got caught by a Chase Group after I fell off that lead


group and was there with that group for a little while and then uh just kind of like balance back and forth between


positioning till the finish of that race so looking back on the seaotter classic


what are you going to change what did are you incorporating anything new into your training or is it mostly just race


strategy that you're like okay I need to fix that a lot of it is race strategy like I am still learning how to brace at


this level I feel like um where a lot of these guys have been doing it for several years um whether it's on the


road I feel like road racing you learn a lot of race tactics and how to make guys


do the work up front the drafting is huge in cycling um so not taking on wind


and being able to recover and sit in is huge and so I'm learning those things and then like whether it's worth it to


close the gap to a group in front of me or sit in and wait for the group behind me like I'm just learning these things


um every race it feels like and I take something new away from every race I do


uh which has been good but yeah just trying to race a smarter race and not


like blow up in the first few few first hour or so I guess


it's so hard though with these long races cuz like you're so excited to just like I know I can I know I can be there


like I've I've been at the front of these races before and I don't mean that


in a cocky or arrogant way but like I'm confident in myself and it's just a matter of having like a good day and


just feeling good physically like the mindsets there everything's just ready to go and then riding a smooth race so I


try to put myself in position to like be there cuz if I'm just going into these races of like


oh I'm going to go and like sit in the second group and just hopefully I'll feel good and I can drop those guys


towards the end of the race I get that's a way to race it and it could benefit me um it could have benefited me at seot


the SE otter classic but at the same time I'm like well maybe I have a good day and I finish inside the top 10 like


you don't know until you know right yeah yeah race strategy seems so difficult


what do you tend to lean toward in race strategy it sounds like you took the sea otter classic pretty aggressively is


that pretty standard for you to be more of an aggressive racer yeah I mean in this field of racers it's hard to like


like it it's hard to have that mindset because I can go into certain races and be like okay like


there's a handful of guys that I know I can hopefully beat if I have a good day


like and there's a lot of sizing up I feel like which I hate to say that but like it's just


a human thing at least for like I I think I can beat that person or


like i' gone back and forth with him like it's going to be a hard race but like I'll try and I'm going to put


myself in position to be there um but with this with the race series like it's so deep it's such a deep field and then


there's Racers that aren't even in the series that are coming from overseas just to do just that race or yeah


they're that are finishing in the top 10 of these races so it creates a whole lot of just like


just a hard I don't know it's hard to like have a perfect plan because so much


can happen if that makes sense a lot of like mind games it's hard to like


go uh go into these races and being like okay I want to win this race when it's


like that's not a realistic goal and if you go into it


thinking I'm going to win this race and then you're sitting in 25th place like


for me at least it's a mental battle totally like well I was hoping to win


this race and I'm doing terrible so like what am I doing but to have those goals of like okay winning the race would be


awesome but realistically like finishing in the top 10 would be a killer result


for me and so having that just like balance of or realist a realistic


goal I guess yeah is something I try to try to do it's also like like I want to


win these races and I want to be there no matter the race whether it's in the race series or not like I am a


competitor at the end of the day and I like to win I but I also love like riding and racing my bike so yeah it's


it's a unique like balance we're excited to announce our first podcast sponsor creatures of habit they have a great


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Storer at checkout that will get you 10% off yeah I think that's what probably is


part of what makes you good but we we had a guest a couple of weeks ago Ben Light who said that we're like kind of


the master of our own disappointment because like we're not going to be disappointed if we like hit the goal


that we like choose for oursel so like especially in races and these endurance races that are like up to 10 hours long


like so many things can go wrong not like something's going to go wrong so to like be able to set your expectations in


a way that like okay I want to perform well I want to compete but also like I need to keep a positive mindset like


that's just a it's a weird it's a weird balance it's it's hard to it's hard to find that balance but I like that it's


yeah it's totally it's so true yeah yeah he's super smart so that race was at the


beginning of April in Monteray so the weather towards end of end of April April so was the weather pretty nice


there yeah weather was nice there one thing about that race I will say really quick for me this is me maybe justifying


but I live in Utah year round so training for that race um over the


winter months is tough to have that like top end just like hard effort for three


hours three four hours um but yeah I going into it it's always


hard like there's guys that are living in Arizona or California that are just primed for that race I tend to I like to


say I tend to Peak towards the end of the season and I that's at least been that's how it's gone for me the last few


years as I have my best results in the later months of the year so hoping that


that continues which can play to your advantage too probably right cuz some people will burn out you can't Peak for


April through October and that's what this race what's so unique about the race series is it's like you're trying


to Peak the whole season which is very difficult to do um and it just leaves you like


wanting to do well at every race but on paper it's hard to do totally so so how


do you I see on your Instagram you do a lot of skiing is that like cross training for the winter for you yeah are


you doing miles on the trainer yeah so I do mix of both I okay I like balancing


it out with ski like Backcountry skiing um and I do get to the resort here and there m but back country skiing is just


a way of like kind of resetting in a sense for the season coming like racing


from April until October is a long season and it's not like I start training in April like I took a break


after my last race in October last year I took a like 4 week break I think and


then it was back to training again so you're back on the bike halfway through November and uh yeah just trying to


train through that and then be ready for these like these races is it's a long so


hard yeah I get burnt out of running like I definitely have to purposefully take months out of the Year where it's


like okay this is cross training month this is St one and that's what's nice about skiing is like so I will start


biking in November but it'll be a lot of like just base miles Chill Zone 2 riding


um and then I get on the skis and and back country skiing a good amount just to one get the cross training in and


then two I really enjoy it and it's just something that like I feel like leaves me uh I guess hungry in a sense to go


get back on the bike like there's days where I'll go do a sixh hour Backcountry ski and then I'm on the trainer at home


for an hour just spinning the legs out like maybe a little I miss my bike yeah


so it it almost is to in a sense like oh I got to check that box like I just the


like sanity side of or I just staying sane I guess and no it's all balanced so


like I said just I don't want to overdo it and some days it's just riding the


bike is a way of recovery for me after doing a long ski day so MH it's yeah


having the skiing is nice yeah it sounds really nice I'm also awful at skiing but it looks beautiful when I see like


stagram stuff um so seot classic to Unbound like what were the differences I


mean unbound's way longer yeah um was the vert the same temperature how did


all of that go yeah um so train or training for seot was a lot more high


intensity spent on the mountain bike trying to get ready for that race cuz you knew there would be those bursts of


like oh I got to get to that single track yep and I don't know off the top of my head the elevation or don't


remember it I think it was around 9,000 ft of climbing in 60 miles um and


there's not a lot of like big Peaks like there are here in Utah it was just a lot of like more Rolling Hills so you're


climbing it feels like a lot more cuz it's like a 5 minute uphill and then like a one minute downhill and then another like just up and down so you


climb a lot in that in that race but yeah very different race going from that to um Unbound where Unbound is 200 mile


gravel race um in Kansas and it's Rolling Hills for


those 200 miles you climb 10 about a little over 10,000 ft over the course of


200 miles so and with it being Rolling Hills is wow kind of crazy because no


climb is longer than like 3 minutes I would say so it's just like a lot of just yeah and when you get


to the top there's no recovery like you're pedaling down all the descents just to like keep the momentum going so


it's a 10hour push yeah is what it feels like yeah so yeah


I went into that race just spending a lot more time um on the bike trying to


get in a few seven eight hour days um I got


sick uh two three weeks before the stomach bug and that kind of set me back


with my block of training that I was going to do cuz I had to take the whole week just like or I took took a few days off and then the rest of week like key


just so that I let the body recover cuz you can really put yourself into a hole trying to train as you know while being


sick so yeah that kind of set me up weird but I was able to get healthy get


back on the bike and had a few solid training rides that I got in um training


for that and training here in Utah is kind of tricky to


like create the same type of racing that it is in Kansas where Rolling Hills like


I'm there's only so many places you can ride that at flat which is a beautiful thing that's why I love living here cuz there's so many just incredible climbs


and I did like on my training rides a lot of them I would just go like up American


fort Canyon into Midway and then up Pine Canyon up towards Empire Pass like I'm


still getting it spending time on the climbs which I feel like translates but it's also a little it's just different


in its own way so so maybe your legs and your Fitness are


more like tailored to the races that are more climby yes I would say so I feel like I


have a a climber's body in a sense is what they say um I I enjoy the longer


climbs and I got to bite my tongue saying that cuz Crusher is the next race we can go into that but it's it's in


Beaver Utah and like the first 30 miles or it's just a it's a 68 or 69 mile race


and it's like climb descent climb and climb the ters right yeah yep yeah yeah


so long long climbs you finish at the top of the ski resort and I think you end the day with 10 plus thousand ft of


climbing oh dang yeah and not 69 miles so but also I feel like personally


10,000 ft of climbing with the up down up down is mentally way more difficult


than like up long recovery on the yeah there's


there's a benefit to having the harder climbs that are longer because you get that recovery on those descents but yeah


yeah it's Unique in its own way so I think for Unbound though you had said on your Instagram that you started off


maybe with some stomach issues which fueling for these races is like very important yes really important yeah yeah


and I try to um I try to fuel when I


train fuel like I'm racing um what do you use I am a bit all over the place I


use gels like sis gels um scratch for my drink mix and then for the longer races


like you got to get in solid food eventually um I actually didn't for that race for certain reasons but um yeah I


started the race just with a bit of I I think it was a mix of nerves and like


was it hot it got hot yeah I feel like that messes up my stomach like it kills


my digestion yeah it was and the race start was at 550 a.m. so that meant a


for me I got up at like 350 which was cutting it close to the race start um I


would change that for next year get up earlier I didn't go to bed as like as early as I would have liked to just


trying to get ready like filling bottles getting everything prepped and so like lack of sleep going into it maybe which


they say the night before sleep doesn't matter um mentally though it's like yeah


I not the best sleep and then I just got to the race start and the stomach didn't hurt but I just like right as the race


started about 5 minutes in like breakfast was not sitting right and no


so it was a long day of just like trying to keep stuff down and get fuel in and


continue forward but yeah I mean that totally sucks cuz when I race I race


just to race like I'm not really racing to Podium and when my stomach hurts the entire race day for like 12 hours it


just sucks yeah so having to try to race while your stomach is


something and that was the weird thing is my stomach like wasn't necessarily


hurting it was just like not it wasn't keeping anything down so okay um that


was hard and I knew like if stuff's coming back up then I'm losing what I like the fueling that I'm taking in and


that had me nervous um the race stayed together for four hours for me at least um I was


there I was with the pelaton the league group or there were guys off the front of I guess the pelaton that a breakaways


they call it in cycling but um I was in the pelaton until about mile 90 and uh


just the pace was too much for me to maintain for with no fuel yeah and and I was fueling but it just was like like I


said just hard to keep down and so I fell off the back of that group and then from there we're just


kind of like let's get this race done just hopefully I'll come back around still five hours of race or six hours of


racing left so yeah it was a long hard


hot day but yeah also like so I loved I loved it weirdly enough looking back on it


like so so weird it's like you ask me at the end of the race like oh what race are you doing next I'd be like don't I


don't want to talk about it but in like now looking back I'm like man like why am I craving it like I yeah and I spent


the last two hours um solo oh wow which was unfortunate and a lot of guys will


race with headphones which is my first year doing this race so I didn't catch that memo and it was a lonely like two


hours of just like head down kind of in my own thoughts which is also like it's rare you find I at least for


me it's rare I find myself in that like place I don't want to say dark place cuz it wasn't necessarily a dark


place but it was like I'm battling I'm I'm out there fighting and trying to get this race done with but like looking


back on it it's such a it's a feeling you can't just go out and create on an hour bike ride like you got to be eight


plus hours in to and alone yeah and alone just to to feel it I guess and I


think we're spoiled here in Utah too with like our scenery like never can you


be bored on a ride or a run here but in Kansas it's a lot of green I mean this


time of year surprisingly was really beautiful like green lush green Rolling Hills but like I said it's it all looks


the same yeah yeah at a certain point you're just like have I done this climb


like I feel like I'm going in circles that's nuts but it sounds like for the rest of the races this here you


have some races with a lot of vert so that you can kind of do some climbs that


like play your advantages yeah yeah racing at elevation too I think helps living in Utah there's guys that live in


California or Arizona I mean just lower elevation um so racing at elevation I


think plays to my advantage and helps with just when we're in these racing in


the high mountains I guess so tusher what's that one called called Crusher Crusher okay Crusher um that's when


you're excited for what else what other races are like supervert after that is


the Leadville 100 I'm sure you're familiar with that with the running race they do there as well I don't know how


you guys run so insane that race cuz doing it on a bike is hard enough it's insane um sometimes they biking uphill


like I run Corner Canyon a lot and like I'm passing bikers on the uphill because I feel like it's like way harder to bike


uphill on a mountain bike then run I don't know I don't know no I get what you're saying but I yeah race the that


race starts at 10,000 100 fet above sea level 150 ft above sea level and you've


done that one before right yeah this is my this will be my fourth year doing it o


so excited for that one I that's the race that I grew up um watching I guess


cuz my dad has this will be his 20th year doing it and he'll get the big 20y year belt buckle which is like massive


that's so cool so I grew up around that race and it's super cool to have it as


part of the race series um that I'm in so yeah that's a race I really always


look or I've always looked forward to like second week of August it's always marked on my calendar like can't have


anything else around that so looking forward to that one and that's 100 mile


Four Mile those four miles matter matter yes they actually do and uh uh I think


11 or 12,000 ft of elevation gain in that race and that one's un like interesting because it's a very


high-paced mountain bike race like it's almost on the verge of being able to do it on a gravel bike and I wouldn't be


surprised if I see if few people this year with the drop bars Road bar looking


um bikes with maybe some suspension on it just cuz you can get in more of like an aerodynamic position yeah um will you


race on a gra no I think mountain bike the mountain bike is the right tool for


that race there's just people that try to be different yeah be unique but I


think in the end it the fastest time has been down on a mountain bike and the only person that I


think would beat that time I don't know if he'd go faster on a gravel bike so


there's just there are sections that are chunky and you lose a lot of time being


on a gravel bike or with drop bars so how long does that take you lville that


race my PRS the 643 or 641 so crazy so 6 hours yeah 41


minutes uh that's nuts but the uh fastest time was done last year by


Keegan swensson who's he's a scar to hear yeah he's from Utah actually and


he's just been dominating the scene for these for a long time at least um but he


did I don't know off the top of my head but it was a five hour and like 47


minute uh finishing time was wow what he did in so almost an hour faster than me


that's crazy but that's the fastest time on the course ever and that was 13 minutes faster than the previous PR


which is crazy wow yeah that is crazy um and is he racing this year yeah so he's


in the race series he's the oh he's in lifetime yeah he's I think first overall


right now still he won the F he won seot um then this weekend he I think he


finished 14th but the field that's something also really quick that I want to go into about Unbound is yeah the


field there this year was crazy like the amount of racers that came from


Europe um in Australia like some of the fastest guys in the sport uh previous


Olympic road race winner uh Greg Ben Almont was there he won uh Road Olympics


in 2016 in Rio gosh so like you have him there you have the grael world champion


uh who won gravel worlds last year there um who's also won stages in Tor of


France uh guys yeah and then there's like uh guys in the cyclocross scene


that are ranked like top five in the world there are just lots of big names


guys that have a have a big resume in the sport so it's super cool for me being from Utah just like trying to make


it in this Sport and lining up with some of the bests in the world is I it's hard


to just like explain how cool it is to be there and like I was with them for


the first four hours of the race and I was hoping for a different race obviously but with how things went


that's what it was but yeah so super deep field anyway and yeah just the


competition has gone like the level of competition in the sport from last year


to this year just like gone up so much I mean and we kind of talk talked about this a little bit before the podcast


started but I think it's cool that you being so young in the sport like you're able to already be racing these guys


because then when you're like a couple years later like when you're closer to 30 like you'll be at the top it's really


cool that's that's the the goal we hope hope for that so yeah it's I've just


enjoyed the longer distance races even before I think a lot of eyes were on the


long distance they call Marathon distance Spike racing oh which is unique I didn't even know that yeah so it's


Marathon distance is like I would say anywhere anything over


like 3 hours so like 30 more time it sounds like yeah so if it was a really


flat race yeah it wouldn't be like maybe it's a 60 mile race but it's really flat


it wouldn't be Marathon you would consider that Marathon okay it I don't know what like the proper description of


a marathon uh they call it cross country Marathon xcm okay and I don't know what the proper description is for that but I


just know it's longer distance like long stuff okay that makes sense yeah well


that's cool I'm really excited for this year for you because it sounds like you'll be peing closer to the races that


play to your advantages anyway yes so that's like kind of a cool spot to be in yeah um how are you training are you


training with a coach do you have like a group that you train with yeah so I've had coaches in the past


um in my junior years and had one last year right now I don't have a coach I do


a lot of my training just like build three weeks recovery um and there's intervals in


there I chase km on Strava here and there just to keep it fun um I listen to


I wear the whoop band and that also helps just tracking my sleep um the


recovery like seeing the recover is nice but it's also a lot of it just like okay I've been getting poor sleep the last


few nights like I need to I can't go as hard like I have to restrict myself from training as hard just so that I don't


put myself in a hole and get sick or run down um but yeah training is just a lot


based off of listening to my body and um it's probably not the


most like effective way to train some would say a lot maybe a lot would say


but it's what works for me like I had a coach last year and I just didn't feel


right on the bike I wasn't enjoying it as much um it felt more like a job that


I had to go and get done whether I felt good or not and that's just like for


me it could have just been lack of communication on my end of me I like I would stress about telling him hey I'm


not feeling good to do my ride today and I would go do it anyways instead of being like cuz maybe I'm just like I


don't want them to think I'm tired or whatever you know yeah and I just wasn't


racing well so from my eyes I felt like I was capable of more and so I went away


from the coach and started just racing or riding my training how I used to train the years previous or


prior and from there I just started enjoying the training rides like it was


just long days on the bike and I kind of just fell in love with it all over again


um which is like a huge part of it I think everyone that I've talked to who's like top of their field loves what they


do loves how they do it so like when you try to take the passion out of it then it's just like sucks your motivation


really quickly too and that's what's like this Sport's so unique and like I said in the beginning like there's


no right or wrong way to go about it um as far as riding your bike now what I'm


doing maybe some would say that's not the right way like you should have a coach you should be doing this this and


this and I understand that like there's going to be people saying that I feel


like I've learned a lot um from having coaches and how to go about my training


that doesn't mean down the road I won't ever have a coach again I may get one


halfway through the season like which might not be ideal but that's just I'm just throwing that out there but with


how I the sport is too beautiful to create


burnout and stop enjoying it and make it feel like a chore in my eyes and


so one way that I found to just really enjoy is doing it based off of on my own


terms I guess so and your favorite part sounds like it's just those long rides


yeah long rides chasing km's like pushing myself um I love I love the Kom


chasing on straa like it keeps it fun going back and forth with people uh it


also just I feel like pushes you to another level um that you didn't know you're capable of and I I don't know is


running the same I'm not a runner by any means I is it the same on straa like there's Kom on segments yeah you have


like you can be on like segment leaderboards and then we do like a lot of fkt okay so like fastest known times


for like the Peaks around yeah point to point or whatever ever yeah gotcha so


there's like really similar stuff in running too and some people like some of my favorite Runners we've had on the


podcast don't race at all they just Chase fkt which is so cool cool yeah


during Co that was uh a really popular thing for the cycling world at least


like a lot of guys were going there's the white rim fkt I don't know if that's a running one but um there's that down


in Moab that guys would just like one guy would get it and then a few weeks later another guy would get it and it


was just like get the time was just going down and down uh and then like the ever everting fkt is another one where


you climb 26,000 plus thousand feet of climbing have you attempted that one I didn't do


it it didn't appeal to me during Co um maybe one day but right now that doesn't


fit into my training um yeah that wouldn't really make sense while you're like trying to compete in races to like


blow up your legs yeah it's a climbing that much in one day is crazy yeah nuts


um we had a crit cyclist on who one of the most interesting things about crit that he was talking about was like the


culture behind it like even down to like when the cyclists train on straa they're


like looking at each other's straa and like there's almost shitalking a little bit it's like is that the same with like


your cycling yeah there's a lot of comparison okay um in like a fun way or


like a this is actually not super healthy way I think there's a mix people are always watching like oh what's he


doing what is his heart rate what's his power what are his power numbers like kind of just


observing and I try to not get too caught up in it


um it's easy to it's really easy to see all like this guy's doing this much training this guy's doing this much but


I think the most important thing is to do it works for you like you got to listen to your body


everyone's different like everyone's at a different point in their career if you're watching everything that they're doing like you're just gonna


I I don't know I I try to not look into it too much like yeah and there is the


like ghost riding or not posting on stra or whatever and it happens when me like my rides automatically upload private


and then I make them public um is ghost riding like looked down on I don't this might be a touchy


subject I I try to post every ride sometimes I won't post like my recovery


rides cuz it's like a 20 mile like yeah chill our ride but um no I I try to keep


everything up and ghost riding like if guys are doing that like whatever the guys at the top of the sport post most


the rides and it's like if you want to go and replicate exactly what that guy's doing um for example like Keegan swon


the guy who's dominating the sport um if you want to go and replicate exactly


what he's doing on his bike like you couldn't do it like I couldn't do it yeah like he's he's been out it for for


a lot longer he's able to have those uh that he's able to put that many hour


like he's done like 40 Hour Week 30 40 hour weeks which is absurd my brain can't even yeah I can't even like that's


crazy um so it's interesting to like


it's just a weird subject to begin with of like some some people might do it and I


I just have tried to just do my own thing stay in my own lane and yeah M yeah that aspect of the culture is like


pretty fascinating to me because there are things about cycling when compared to like ultra running that at least seem


from the outside to be like almost I don't even know how to explain it not like too good for me but also too


good for me if that makes sense yeah another thing too that just came to mind is like I think it's F there's a lot of


trolling that goes on in uh our like I guess sport okay from my at least it's


like a good it's a healthy trolling of like before race like people will post


on social media like their bike and what they're running for that race of like I'm going to run like they'll do a bike check and this is what I'm running for


the race just to get in people's heads and I think it's it's more like funny in a sense of like someone will post


they're going to run slick like 32 mm tires which is like a very narrow tire


for the race tomorrow and they're going and they show up on a 45


just to like get in people's heads cuz everyone's too obsessed with what the other person's doing um that actually


funny I'll for me like sometimes I'll turn my power data off or my heart rate


data on my straa um just to if there are people out there that are looking at it I just like to turn it off just to bug


them and not that there's like anything to hi like oh I did crazy numbers like I


just think it's funny if they're like trying to look at it and they're like why is Truman hiding his power data it's like cuz it's too big at it yeah that's


so crazy so within the community though like when you're racing are you guys chatting is it like do you feel like


your friends or do you feel like your competitors uh it's a good balance of both okay um depending on who you're


racing with I've always been someone that's more on the friendly side I try


to be while racing a little more softspoken um I'm not out there


like I don't I don't have much of a temper I guess when I'm racing where some guys do like elbowing and stuff


just like these long distance races I can't imagine just if you do something wrong like being like for example in


that race on Saturday Unbound on Saturday like we're in a group of 50 plus riders for the first four hours


like there was no separation and you're on a road eight guys wide like on with rocks


and gravel it's chaos for 4 hours normally in most races there's


separation and it chills out a little bit but it was just like guys are crashing left and right CU they're hitting rocks and ruts it's it's like


road racing but on a much more extreme level of like just the the chaos that


goes on I think okay um but I've tried to just always have more of a


chilled um mindset like if guys are getting mad at me or whatever like I'm just like okay what like sorry


I I wouldn't even say sorry but like I'll just be like oh yeah whatever doesn't phase you I try to not let to


let it phase me um it can get to your head um


if for certain things and that's something like I'm learning as I'm racing is uh the race tactics of working


with a group and like trying to sit in for longer or recover not doing more


work at the front than you need to and that's where guys will get pretty mad is if you're just like dead weight to the


group depending on how big a group of racers is um but like like what I guess


what I'm saying is like you have a group of 12 Racers and say there's three guys off the front


will those 12 Racers need to work together taking turns in the wind rotating drafting to hopefully catch


those three Racers off the front and when you're not working well together it just creates all these B like well it


would be annoying if like you're the one that's leading the whole time and it happens too where like maybe one of


those Racers is just barely hanging on by a thread like they're not just sitting in because they're douche


they're trying to save their legs and they want to just Sprint you in the end and beat you and that does happen um but


like sometimes it's just the guy doesn't have legs or they'll be playing a poker face they're acting like they don't have the legs and then they'll come around


like there's so many different things that I'm learning in gravel racing that I didn't know mountain bike growing up


mountain biking and just trying to hold my ground and just like I'm trying to


race with more of a mindset of nobody's my friend if that makes sense um after


the race we can be friends and have a good time and I'll I'll say things to guys I know that I race with like that


are from Utah um I'll say things in the like we're talking back and forth if it's a chill out section but for the


most part it's like pretty yeah racy if guess also like


later in the race when I was I was in a group of a couple guys and we're talking asking like where from like it chills


out it depends on the point of the race I guess so yeah that's like the strategy


of cycling is so interesting to me because there are like so many moves to


make like there are so many things that are going on at the same time probably like mountain biking there's no pelaton


really in versus like gravel there's a pelaton so maybe that's why there's more of like


a strategy Dynamic I don't know what would you say the reason for that is


just because it I mean it depends on how the race goes but if there's guys off the


front um and you're in a big group of people uh trying to like catch those


guys there's a lot more strategy that goes into that where mountain biking it's rare that you have a group of 30


guys spread across the road um drafting working together you're on single track


holding trying to hold the wheel in front of you so I I hope that answers your question yeah that answers my


question pretty good um lastly like with your training do you do anything


specific for nutrition like are you one of the athletes that's like oh I've got my nutrition dialed in or are you just


like I eat enough yeah uh it's interesting I feel like I'm every race


and every year I'm learning something new like when I was in my junior years I was not getting


nearly enough calories and carbs on the bike like I was drinking like noon


tablets this is like years ago they're like sugarfree yeah they're like nine calories on the tablet the back of the


bottle hilarious U just electrolytes and so like that year or one year like


someone came up to me like what are you drinking on the bike and I was like oh this like it works great like you need to be getting in carbs and sugars and


you got to change that and so like every year I'm changing things um and I feel like I'm getting it more and more dialed


as far as feeling on the bike um is there a standard like GRS per hour that you're trying to hit right now


I shoot for 100 gam to 120 gram of carbs an hour mostly through drink mixes drink


mix and gels yeah uh I'm usually able to stomach that for whatever reason last weekend was interesting scenario and


happens could have been from the bug I got a few weeks prior I don't know yeah but I shoot for like yeah 120 grams of


carbs and then about 400 calories an hour so any like high school students that are listening to this who are


biking that's probably what like four or five gels an hour no uh so I don't know


what size your gels yeah so my gels usually have like 30 to 40 grams of carbs in them I will say really quick


disclaimer um don't go out and try and do that right away like you have to build res uh I don't know your stomach


yeah needs to get tolerance to being able to take in that much carbohydrate and calories an hour on the bike or I


don't know running I know you guys go a lot longer without like you don't fuel


as much right in running well I think standard for us is like 60 to 90 gr but


I know a lot of people that are like above 100 especially longer I feel like


kind of standard like the sports just been going up and up with like guys are consuming like 160 to 0 gram of carbs an


hour which is crazy that's wild to me I yeah but you got to build you got to build up the tolerance and work your way


up to it you can't be like okay I'm going to do like 40 grams of carbs while I train for this race and then go into


the race and be like I'm going to do 120 like your stomach's going to turn inside out most likely um but yeah building


that tolerance is super important and then yeah just trying to I get a lot of my carbs and through a drink mix so my


drink mix has like I want to say a 100 cars carbs per bottle M so yeah just


trying to drink and then get in gels when I can I also will do like a some


sort of gummy whether it's like a honey Stinger gummy or sometimes gummy bears


like just mix it up dry Foods is tough for me while racing I can do it while training but it's in the race where I


try to put down like a stinger waffle and it just W go it doesn't go down so


with the bike like that seems like the most compc licated thing to me is like opening the Stinger waffle yeah eating


it is that's what is that what is difficult about it or is it just the dryness okay the dry is difficult to get


down like you got to I'll chew it for 10 minutes and eventually you just have to swall like a pill yeah with some water


but yeah and then off the bike as far as nutrition goes I have a pretty like


relaxed um approach as far as my diet goes I tried it recently I've been trying to um um


fuel more after hard race or training days which is something maybe in the past that I haven't been as good at just


like your body's run down depleted from the effort Long training ride you've


done try to get in as much carbs and protein as you can um just to get back


to normal because like when you spend eight hours on a bike you're skipping two meals basically yeah um but yeah


just trying to refuel after these hard training rides and races just to


stay um afloat I guess and like have that uh


balance I guess you could say but yeah it's I don't like there's no specific


food that I cut out or avoid MH


um that being said like there's certain foods I guess going into a race week that I will avoid but as far as regular


diet goes I eat as much as I can just cuz I'm burning a lot of calories every day like put a burrito in front of me


I'm going to eat the whole thing and and more and some I guess but so what do you avoid going into race week is that just


like high fiber foods or yeah high fiber foods um I try to just pound carbs like


noodles rice red meats I try to avoid not eating


like too much red meat as well fish like there's so I feel like you just got to avoid it all you almost have to go vegan


yeah to get the amount of carbs that you need in is actually like incredibly difficult I used to think like when I


first started running that a car blood was like oh pasta the night before that's what I thought too yeah and I


feel like that's what like you were a high school athlete that's what my High School coaches taught us like we'd go to


like Golden Corral and we'd all eat like pasta but I feel like now that there's like so much more data on nutrition and


like what you need as an athlete like high school students should start now so


that they can like kind of prime themselves for totally and there's there's right and wrong ways to do


everything like you also just got to find what works for you like maybe pasta


doesn't work for you the night before and you need to do rice or there's so many different ways to go about


everything in the sport that it makes it fun but I feel like with how much data um and information we're


given with what we're doing nowadays with any sport it's it's just like a lot


of people are going to overthink it and I think it's pretty simple I try to keep it simple yeah I've just do what works


for you and like try to find that thing that works for you and roll with it um and if it's not working go to something


else uh you can definitely like find I guess


um find what works for you and then if that works just stick with it do you


find that I mean watching your dad race Leadville all growing up do you find that you kind of race like him train


like him or is it more like oh I didn't know that you did this Dad type of thing


yeah definitely growing up I like I followed in his footsteps doing what he


would do um training wise racing wise like I would ride with him a lot um yeah


when I was younger uh and it kind of just like I picked up on things that he


did that I liked and then there's things that maybe he did that didn't work for me and I found something else that worked for me okay so yeah it's just a


matter of finding what works for you and sticking to it a lot of experimentation and stuff cool so I saw that you ran not


ran I thought saw that you rode a couple of other races besides the lifetime ones yeah do you have more planned for this


year and what is the strategy behind that yes so I will do a handful of races


um outside of the race series just sprinkled in between each race um you podiumed at what two of the


ones you raced this year last I podiumed it yeah the cactus cup yeah which is a


thre day stage race there's a short track so it's like a 20-minute race and then the cross country or xcm cross


country Marathon that was 40 miles and then an Enduro race which is downhill


like timed uh segments and so I podiumed in the overall of that and uh then two


weekends ago two or three weekends ago I raced the Grand Junction rides and Vibes race in Grand Junction it's a


44 mile off-road mountain bike race and it's like proper mountain biking super


technical chunky Rocky uh single track for 44


miles and I finished third there uh cool solid race and there's a nice payout


which is always fun to do those races that have a good payout so made some money there and yeah then I'll ra I plan


to race point to point that's a big one won that last year right won that one last year yeah so go and defend the


title hopefully yeah um very competitive field in that race uh I mean the guys


there are all very fit and just it's off the top of my head why am I


blinking this 70 I want to say 79 miles uh single


track in Park City oh wow okay and you climb 10 plus th000 ft of climbing is it


pretty technical or it's not crazy technical but it's just long climbs and


long single track descents so like by mile 50 you're just like it's I say it's


as mentally exhausting as it is physically exhausting because you have to just stay on it the whole whole race


for six plus hours oh yeah that's crazy and yeah but like you have to just want


for me mountain biking like to avoid Flats you got to just be picking proper line choice and watching out for every


Rock and by the end of it my brain just like cooked she like I can't talk yeah


so yeah point to Point's a big one um look forward to doing that also defending the title there yes yeah um


dirty dyo that's in a few weeks it's a gravel race that's in Vernal it's a


smaller one but Utah local Utah race I've won that one once and then I took


second last year M so hopefully go back for some Redemption if the legs come back around from uh


Unbound but yeah racing that um trying to think what else is on the the schule


what the what's the purpose of all these races intermingled between like your main events yeah uh mainly just gaining


Fitness okay that and then there are a couple like point to point that I just


really enjoy that type of race um it's a super fun race and I've done it the past


few years and just want to keep doing it so there's that and but yeah mainly I think the main thing is just gaining


Fitness and not like going from Seven races is a lot but like I'll R I don't


know off the top of my head how many races I'll do in a year I want to say like over


20 that's a lot and are you strategically like putting your effort


toward certain races or every race are you just trying to go all out yes and no


I try like there's certain races that I want to do really well for and then there's some races that I go into of


like okay it's a training Race For example that Grand Junction race was kind of a training race in a sense yeah


um because Unbound was coming up it's a mountain bike race there's not a whole lot of like reason I should be doing it


other than to gain that Fitness in a three plus hour race so


yes there's certain races that I go into of like okay this is a training race getting me ready for the big one in a


few weeks but yeah that's mainly for Fitness yeah is this something that's


common in cycling because I don't feel like that's I mean runners run quite a few races but like probably the most


I've seen is like 10 in a year yeah so 20 is crazy to me that sounds it's


pretty common I mean it's not as hard on your body okay when you true when you race like


it's F you're going to think this is funny but I went hiking yes I'm taking the week off from last week's race or


just taking a week kind of mid-season break right now um and I went hiking yesterday and I'm my I said to my mom


this morning I was like my legs are more sore from that four mile hike than they are from my 200m mile bike race like my


hplex just different muscles yeah totally different muscles yeah I think it's funny you're like my recovery hike


H yeah yeah yeah see I went mountain biking today actually and my like are


more sore than they've been in a while y it's funny that way yeah that is funny


well just to be respectful of your time um I'll close this up here soon but I do want you to leave our listeners with one


thing that's actionable so like maybe there's some guys out there who look up


to you or look up to the way you've been able to move up in the sport so quickly


um what advice would you give them that's Brad I'm sorry no um I kind


of said it earlier but I think the biggest thing is just keeping the sport fun M like whatever it is that you're


doing whether it's cycling or running or art like it doesn't matter the the


subject whatever you're passionate about like keep it fun don't don't get too


obsessed unless you're that way but I personally like don't get too obsessed with the data and the numbers and all


that and just keep it fun um and I think you'll go places if you're truly


passionate about it like you can you can make it you obviously got to work hard and there's got there's going to be days


where you don't want to do it um and those are the days where you just got to push through and like it always gets


better maybe you find a way to to make that run or that bike ride a little more enjoyable or maybe you been riding your


road bike a lot lately and you go mountain biking instead or you've been


running on the road on paths a lot like you go trail running like just keeping it fun little things like that I think


go a really long way in uh keeping the motivation alive and just the enjoyment


it it helps a lot just having fun with it so what are your go-to like


fun rides or whatever yeah um definitely on the mountain bike uh it depends like


finding your trail with a lot of jumps for example like going up towards yeah like I I do enjoy jumping my bike I


don't do it as much as I used to uh but finding a trail like up on Sun Crest


there's levitate and vertigo those two downhills that are pretty fun just enjoying the downhill for me that's


keeping it fun or chasing uh km's that's another thing it's like all right I have this task today I'm going to go and try


and like I'm going to try and beat this K or this PR what it doesn't have to be like it could be a PR whatever just


trying to better yourself those are ways of keeping it fun for me and I find the most enjoyment when I like getting home


from ride and you pull up Strava and you're like did I get it did I get it like not knowing whether or not you got the km and then it uploads and you see


like you got it it's just that like that little enjoyment Le Broner's High what is your uh K that you're most proud of I


would have to say the Alpine Loop from really that's actually sick yeah I from the mouth of AF Canyon um to the summit


I have Kom on that right now I know there's a handful of guys that are G for


it um I got that one last fall oh cool I beat it still standing yeah that's


awesome so I yeah beat the previous km by I think like 20 or 30 seconds which


wow okay it's a 40 I think it didn't from the mou to the summit 44 minutes and like 20 seconds that's crazy so I


think I can go faster badge yeah you going for it this fall or when we try oh I don't know time just when someone


takes it maybe when someone takes it I did I thought about going for it the other day because I was ahead of my PR


from the mouth to the fork and then I hit I but I went pretty like hard from


the m to the fork and by the time you start climbing right at the fork and the legs just were like nope


you're done so it depends on the day uh if I'm feeling I'd like to better my time for sure there's other uh km's out


there I'd like to go and get what do you have your eye on right now squa Peak squa Peak ooh yeah that's that's one I I


haven't had a good like hack at it yet I'm on the leaderboard I'm in the top 10


but that time was from like two or three years ago okay so I haven't really it's


a 20 the km's like 19 minutes holy cow from the bottom to the top what is I


think it's like what four five miles yeah four five but it's I think it's


almost like 600 feet per mile so what is it like 200 feet of that sounds about


right like 20 five yeah around 25 so that's a that's one ofn I'd like to go for it the time


is so like the guy that has as fast he doesn't bike as much anymore I don't think I haven't seen him at least oh


really but yeah he's had that km for like four or five years I think that's


crazy so if I could get that one I'd be happy I'm also doing it on my gravel bike with road tires oh so it's a road


bike but it's not so I'm like you had a road bike but if I had a it says marginal gains right no but I don't know


yeah I'd like to go for that one also like there's South Fork there's a handful of others that I South Fork you


need a really nice Tailwind or like it a Tailwind up Squad Peak doesn't help as much because it's so like back and forth


so uh yeah I don't know I are most of these kom's Road are there any mountain


biking K yeah there mountain biking is the same way um sorry I'm yeah you're


good yeah it I feel like most of the fkt is like there's Strava segments you can win


for running but most of the FTS I can think of are like Trail yeah so kind interesting


there's a lot I would say there's just as much on maybe more on the trails than there are on the road um there's a


handful of Road ones I mountain bike ones that I've that I have there's some


that I I haven't gone or I haven't Mountain biked I feel like in so long like I did the G or mountain bike


race the couple week weeks ago but even before that I was on my gravel bike training did that race back to the


gravel bike and then after this race I might get on the mountain bike a few


times just keep it fun enjoy it uh but Crusher is July 13th so and that's


gravel gravel so I'll be back on the gravel bike um and a lot of that is on road like I'll put gra or road tires on


so it's basically road bike but I'm excited to follow Crusher yeah I'm really excited to follow that one I last


year didn't have a great race there I for handful of reasons maybe I sound


like I'm just making excuses I haven't had a good race and for know but yeah


just hoping to have a clean race there and feel good um ride my race I think


what I need to do and just not like focus on trying to just be at the front I


think it's just riding my race and there's tactics that I'm thinking about going into this one that I might do


differently uh race tactics that might hopefully benefit me but you want to say


them or not really um you're like look at the camera I mean I don't know wait


and see watch him at Crusher nothing crazy like I'm not going to go off the front and win the race but just little


things that I want to tweak just to hopefully Place me better and move up in


the standings for the overall series that's the crazy thing about the series is like so much can happen between those


seven races like the the leader board's always f uating yeah there's you've done two races and you have


like what five left now and it sounds like they're completely different races that are left so


like that's great I'm I'm really excited to follow I had no idea really like what it was I'd heard of it but I'd never


like looked into it before I was just researching you for the podcast now I'm


really excited to follow it so yeah there's it's it's fun having the four


gravel races and or yeah four gravel races three mountain bike races M and


the shortest one's like a two-ish hour race in Wisconsin that's a mountain bike race and then you get Unbound which is


200 miles in Kansas yeah it's insane so how can people follow you if they want to it's


on Instagram Truman Glasco 12 Co we'll link that in the description and then


Strava just Truman Glasco pretty active on there as well um you also have a


YouTube I don't know you haven't posted on it in a while but watch his YouTube Just in casee he


starts posting some writing content we might we might have to start we were talking about it earlier we might have


to start uh bringing the video into into cycling just to change things up a


little bit I guess yeah so keep an eye out well cool thank you so much for coming yeah thank you for having me


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