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About Eighth Lane Endurance

Eighth Lane Endurance (8LE) is a brand by Abby & Andrew Storer. 

To us, running laps around a track and the loops in the number "8" represent the infinite nature of Endurance Sport. Endurance sport is about patience. Experience. Humility. Those who are willing to undergo the painful process of change over and over and over again - are those who will one day be able to master the "Sport of Endurance" 


In speaking with experienced athletes, coaches, health experts, and others, we hope that 8LE will become a source of inspiration, education, entertainment, and confidence for our listeners in their journey toward endurance.    

The Host

Abby Storer

Podcast Host, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, & Ultrarunner

Audio / Video

Andrew Storer

Director of Photography 

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